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Bathroom Remodel & Installation Services

Remodeling your home comes with many considerations, and one of the most important decisions is where to spend your money. Most realtors and home appraisers agree that updating kitchen and bathroom spaces provide the best value. Greer Home Solutions is a proud leader for Columbus, GA renovations and remodels. If you're considering a bathroom remodel or renovation, choosing Greer Home Solutions means you will receive high-quality results and excellence in customer service for a competitive price.

Kitchen & Bathroom Remodel: Services
Double Sink Bathroom

Bathroom Remodeling Options

Before proceeding with a bathroom renovation, it's important to decide how extensive the process needs to meet your vision. A full remodel may involve removing all old items or changing the layout, while a smaller renovation could include refacing or refreshing the space back into good repair. Even a small project can have a large impact on the space. 


  • Finishes

    • Changing the finishes in your bathroom can completely overhaul the look without taking on a major remodel of the space. These small details can pack a big punch, especially if new fixtures aren't in your renovation budget.

    • Adding in upgraded baseboard installation and other trim makes the space appear more polished and upscale.

    • Outdated lighting can age your bathroom, so replacing the vanity light should be top of your list.

    • Consider removing old flooring and replacing it with new tile or another modern flooring. Finish refreshing your space with new cabinet hardware that is on-theme for your style. 

  • Fixtures

    • If switching up finishes won't make enough of an impact during a bathroom remodel, you can replace outdated or undesirable fixtures to complete your design.

    • Changing major fixtures can completely transform the room’s look, creating an entirely different style and aesthetic. Many homes come with stock vanities and sinks that do nothing for the design.

    • Consider repainting cabinets or replacing them completely.

    • A modern bathtub can create a spa-like atmosphere. Even replacing your toilet with a sleek, water-saving model can make a difference.  


Bathroom Installation

You can trust the team at Greer Home Solutions for all of your bathroom remodeling needs. From upgraded finishes such as flooring and trim to the installation of major bathroom fixtures, the team of professionals knows how to handle the details of your entire project. Beginning with an initial consultation, your team maps out a project plan and ensures you are aware of every step along the way. The project is not complete unless you are satisfied with the result.

Bathroom Remodeling in Columbus, GA

Whether you have a specific bathroom remodeling vision in mind or would like assistance coming up with a detailed plan, Greer Home Solutions can help you every step of the way. To schedule an appointment or request more information about the offered services, contact us online today. You can also reach out by calling (706) 761-3254

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