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Custom Services/Handicap Access Ramps

Customizing your home for accessibility accommodations can seem overwhelming, but with the help of an experienced provider of home solutions, your home can be redesigned to suit your exact needs. Customizations, such as wheelchair ramps, handrails, walk-in showers, lowered countertops, and other accommodations, can make the functions of everyday life easier for anyone who is older and has mobility difficulties. The Greer Home Solutions team is waiting to assist you with any of the custom home alterations or repairs you need.

Custom Services/Handicap Access Ramps: Services

Customizing Homes For Accessibility

When your mobility changes, moving around your home can become more difficult. Certain home modification products can provide a solution to your access needs. Some common difficulties for those with mobility concerns are steps, bathtubs, and counters. Your home can be modified with ramps, rails, and other access items to ease these difficulties.

Wheelchair Ramps

When a wheelchair becomes necessary for mobility, it can be difficult to go in or out of your home or access different stories within the house. Exterior and interior handicap access ramps can solve many of these concerns.


There are several different types of wheelchair ramps, and depending on your specific needs, your home solutions team can help you find the one that is right for you. 

  • Aluminum ramps - Modular wheelchair ramps made from aluminum require little to no maintenance and do not take a long time to install. 

  • Doorway ramps - Instead of full wheelchair ramps, doorway ramps are designed from aluminum or rubber to help you over the threshold only. 

  • Portable ramps - Some ramps are temporary and can be moved to different locations to allow access. 

  • Indoor ramps - Reversible modifications can be made to indoor stairways to allow access to multiple floors for individuals in a wheelchair or scooter.

Bathroom Modifications

Some of the most popular custom home services for older individuals are bathroom modifications. With reduced mobility, it can be difficult to get in and out of a bathtub. A conversion from a bathtub to a walk-in shower with a fold-down seat and handrails makes it easier to take care of personal hygiene without sacrificing safety.

Wheelchair Ramp fitted to front of home-
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Individuals in a wheelchair may have difficulty with the height of tables and countertops, and a custom home service company can convert or add in new counters to provide a solution. Throughout the home, small accessibility modifications can not only provide added convenience but also added safety.

In addition to providing access for those with reduced mobility, repairs throughout a home may be necessary over time. These include upgrades, such as door replacements or crown molding, and repairs, such as drywall replacement and the filling of holes.

From installing wheelchair ramp systems to adding customized conveniences, Greer Home Solutions in Columbus, GA provides all the services you need for your home modifications. To make an appointment or learn more about your options, contact Greer Home Solutions today. Give us a call at (706) 761-3254

Custom Services/Handicap Access Ramps: Services
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