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Meeting Your Specific Needs - Residential & Commercial

When planning home improvements for your property, consider adding yard remodeling into your plans. Outdoor areas can be transformed into additional living spaces by adding structures that provide comfortable seating and privacy. The team at Greer Home Solutions, has the experience and vision to help you create your own outdoor oasis by incorporating exterior decking or fencing onto your property.

Exterior Decking and Patios

Creating an outdoor living space for you and your family to enjoy often begins with a patio or deck. Experienced home solutions contractors can design and build a deck for your home using your preferred materials.


Each house has a different configuration, so the deck design is unique and custom for your needs. Most decks are constructed of solid wood, but composite decking is also a popular choice for new projects or repair of old decking.


Elevated decks can have different stair and railing configurations to match the style of your home’s exterior. Building a deck on your property gives you an outdoor extension of your home’s living space. The deck can be a place for outdoor dining or just gathering with friends and family.


Open decks are perfect for lounging in the sun, but covered decks allow you to enjoy the outdoor space while being protected from the elements. Whichever type of exterior decking you choose, Greer Home Solutions provides excellent craftsmanship for even the most difficult project.

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Privacy and Decorative Fences

Another key element for enjoying an outdoor oasis at your home is creating privacy. Whether you have neighbors close by or are more secluded, assigning a specific space around your yard for fencing can create the privacy you need to enjoy your space without interruption.


Fences serve multiple purposes for a home. For pet owners or families with children, a fence keeps everyone inside and safe. At the same time, fences keep unwanted animals and people out of the yard and block the view from neighbors or passersby.


Before contractors build fence structures on your property, an evaluation and design process is completed to ensure the fence is placed in the exact location of choice. Fences can be constructed from wood, aluminum, composite, or other materials.


Your style preference determines the look and finish of the fence. Some materials can be stained a specific color, while others are ordered in your color of choice. The team at Greer Home Solutions provides all the information you need to choose the perfect fence to complete your outdoor space.

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Why Choose Greer Home Solutions?

Columbus, GA, residents trust Greer Home Solutions for any home improvement or repair need, whether it requires handyman assistance or a full remodeling team. With 20 years of experience and excellent craftsmanship and customer service, the qualified and professional team strives to fulfill the vision of every customer’s wishlist.


For more information about services or to set up a consultation for a specific need, contact Greer Home Solutions today. You can also reach out by phone at (706) 761-3254.

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