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Renovating your home can sometimes reveal damage that wasn’t previously visible. Often, this comes in the form of rotten wood under roof shingles or behind drywall. Unlike the removal of surface items, such as drywall or cabinets, during home demolition services, the removal of rotten wood needs a specialized team with experience in the structural integrity of a building. 


Greer Home Solutions provides demo services for home and business owners in Columbus, GA, and the North Georgia region. Whether you need to correct visible wood rot or have discovered it while renovating your home, the team at Greer Home Solutions can fix the problem while still keeping your home structurally sound. 

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What Causes Wood Rot? 

Several factors can cause wood that rots within the structure of a building. Most commonly, the problem is caused by a fungus that develops and spreads. The fungus is always present but needs the right conditions to grow, spread, and cause damage to the wood. In most cases, the culprit is excess moisture. Areas of your home that consistently experience high humidity coupled with moisture from the building materials or a specific water exposure event can lead to wood rot. 


Once the fungus begins to grow, it can continue to spread and damage the wood fibers. Damaged wood fibers are not as strong as solid wood, so the wood can become weak. Repairing wood rot can be complicated because it involves removing areas that could support the structure of the building instead. 

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Why Are Professional Demo Services Important? 

Although it’s always nice to have a professional complete cosmetic changes to your home, such as painting or adding trim features, it is important to use an experienced home solutions company to complete demolition during a project. This is especially true if the demolition involves structural components of the building. An expert team keeps safety in mind throughout the entire project, making sure the result is structurally sound and safe, and the workers are safe while working on your property. 


Although wood rot can occur in any wooden area of your home, certain areas are more susceptible to it. Even if you aren’t embarking on a renovation project, periodically inspecting certain areas can help you head off problems before they become more advanced.


  • Wood in a crawlspace or basement

  • Wooden deck framing

  • Roof fascia and rake boards

  • Window and door trim and thresholds

Rock Rubble

Why Choose Greer Home Solutions

The professionals at Greer Home Solutions know the importance of keeping your home structurally strong while still transforming it to meet your vision. That’s why every project is completed by a well-trained and experienced team. If you are interested in learning more about the available services or scheduling a consultation, contact Greer Home Solutions for more information. You can also reach us at (706) 761-3254.

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