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Professional Electrical & Plumbing Services

Meeting Your Specific Needs - Residential & Commercial

Electrical Services

Whether you need to have an electrical repair done or wish to enhance the lighting in your home, Greer is the solution. Our professional staff can do anything you desire, including:

• Fixing electrical problems

• Upgrading wiring

• Installing new fixtures including ceiling fans and recessed lighting

• Adding outlets and service upgrades

• Installing landscape lighting

• Wiring for pool and spa


If you have been living in a space with insufficient lighting or outlets, call Greer Home Solutions today to receive a visit from an affordable electrician. From a small repair to a large installation, our licensed, professional team is available to transform your home knowledgeably and efficiently.

Pipe Replacement

Plumbing Services

Greer Home Solutions offers complete expert plumbing services to keep your pipes running smoothly. After all, when something goes wrong with your plumbing, your entire house can get thrown into chaos. We provide any hour plumbing, so the functioning of your home can be immediately restored. No job is too big or too small, and we operate intending to earn your trust.


In addition to the more common problems like a leaky faucet or toilet, no hot water, a clogged or burst pipe, or jammed garbage disposal, we can do a complete kitchen or bathroom remodel and plumbing overhaul. We also handle a wide variety of plumbing jobs, including:

• Water heater installation or repair

• Pool and spa plumbing

• Faucet and fixture repair

• Pipe replacement

Contact us today for more information on how we can help or to schedule a visit.

Electrical & Plumbing: Services
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