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Garage Services - Greer Home Solutions

Meeting Your Specific Needs - Residential & Commercial

Your home's garage has amazing potential. Use it for more than parking your car or truck. At Greer Home Solutions, we’re experts at transforming unfinished garages into something amazing. Our garage services let you enjoy a beautiful garage in Columbus without having to worry about doing the work yourself:


  • Shelving and garage storage solutions

  • Epoxy and polyurethane garage floor coating

  • Drywall finishing

  • Painting

  • Insulation

  • Lighting installation

  • Energy-efficient electrical services


Instead of a garage that feels dark or musty, you can have a space that looks bright and clean. Take advantage of all that garage storage space to reduce clutter in your home. Perform work on your vehicle with a lighting and floor setup like pro garages.

Finishing the Garage for Storage

Many homeowners leave their garage on the backburner, hoping to “someday” remodel. The problem is that life is busy, so “someday” never comes. Don’t put it off! With our team by your side, finishing the garage isn’t a dream. Add lighting, drywall, paint, sleek flooring, and smart shelves.

A finished garage gives you lots of room for organized storage. You have space for camping gear, lawn care items, sports gear, tools, car maintenance equipment, seasonal clothing bins, toys, and much more. Some people turn an old garage into a game room with ping-pong or the perfect spot for a rock band. We can even transform it into a stylish space for entertaining friends and family.

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Get the Garage You Want at a Price That You Love

At Greer Home Solutions, we have an excellent reputation in Columbus, GA, and surrounding areas. We provide high-quality work, excellent customer service, and friendliness. You get professional results at a great price. Contact us right away for garage storage solutions, garage remodeling services, and more. You can also reach out by calling (706) 761-3254.

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