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Kitchen Remodel & Installation Services

Whether you are remodeling your home to update the style according to your taste or need to renovate before offering your home up for sale, assigning a portion of your budget to a kitchen renovation is always a financially smart move. Buyers look for an updated kitchen when searching for a home, and neglecting this one area can have an impact on your selling price. If you plan to stay in your home longer, a kitchen with a functional layout can help make your life easier. 

Kitchen & Bathroom Remodel: Services
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Kitchen Remodeling

Your remodel design could include replacing old, outdated structures or completely changing the layout depending on your current space. When you contact a home renovation company, the designers can walk you through your options and help you make your vision a reality. 


  • Cabinetry

    • Most kitchen remodeling projects involve replacing the cabinets, most often with a new configuration that makes more sense for your storage needs. 

  • Countertops

    • Modernizing your kitchen means you have many options for countertop materials. Granite and quartz remain popular options, but some choose concrete, butcher block, or stainless steel for a streamlined look. 

  • Sink

    • Trends in sinks change with time, but many people change to a large tub sink or a farmhouse version with an interactive and functional faucet.

  • Layout

    • Changing the layout during a remodel doesn't always involve knocking down walls. It could mean adding cabinetry or storage to one area and adding a bar or island to another. 

  • Lighting

    • During a remodel, lighting adjustments must be made to work with a new layout or structure additions. This could mean pendant lights over an island, recessed lighting throughout, or newly wired lights in a walk-in pantry. 

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Renovating a Kitchen

A kitchen renovation is similar to a remodel in that changes are made to better work for your needs. Renovations involve reviving and refreshing the kitchen space to a better condition. This could mean painting, staining, refinishing floors, and resurfacing. 

Kitchen Appliance Installation

During a kitchen remodel or renovation, new appliances are often needed to finish the project. Your home solutions company can handle the installation as part of the project, taking the burden off you. 

Contact Greer Home Solutions Today

Greer Home Solutions provides excellence in quality and service to Columbus, GA, homeowners who want to see a design vision come to life. For more information about available kitchen installation, remodel, and renovation services, contact us online or by calling (706) 761-3254 today. 

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