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Painting Wall

Interior Painting

One of the easiest ways to change or refresh your house is through a new paint job. Color has the power to makeover a home so you can achieve exactly the vibe you desire. The right interior paint can make rooms feel spacious, elegant, and artistic. Certain colors help you feel more relaxed, a perfect fit for an en-suite bathroom. Bold palettes can create attention-grabbing artistic accents in the living room or kitchen.


Our interior house painters provide exceptional results for any type of painting, no matter how complex:

  • Walls

  • Ceilings

  • Textured surfaces

  • Baseboards and crown moldings

  • Other room accents

  • Windows

  • Doors

  • French doors

Our goal is to bring your personal design vision to life with high-quality interior and exterior paint. We take the time to listen to your goals and provide amazing paint solutions that you love.

If you wish to brighten the space with a timeless shade of airy white or add sophisticated color to bring some character into your rooms, the interior painting contractors at Greer Home Solutions can expertly handle your project from start to finish.

What Do Interior Painters Do?

As expert Columbus painters, we take care of everything needed for breathtaking decor. Here’s what you can expect from our interior painting service:

  • Painting prep: Before getting started, we carefully prepare the work area for painting. This means covering carpeting, window glass, light fixtures, and other items.

  • Repairs: If drywall repairs are needed, we have the expertise to take care of them. This makes things easy for apartment managers getting ready for the next tenant.

  • Sanding: Paint needs a clean matte surface to adhere to. We sand existing paint to ensure smooth walls and beautiful results.

  • Caulking: Sealing gaps around windows and doors is important for energy efficiency and home comfort. We replace worn caulk and seal necessary areas before painting.

  • Priming: This step is one of the big differences between professional interior house painters and inexperienced companies. Experts know how important primer is for the best results, especially if walls have stains or water damage.

  • Painting: For vibrant colors that look amazing, proper coverage makes a huge difference. By the time we're done, every inch is pure perfection.

  • Touch up: We take pride in our work. Our interior house painters inspect finalized areas, touching up any fine details that require it.

  • Cleanup: One thing that makes us popular with homeowners in Columbus is that we leave rooms just as clean as when we arrived. We remove trash while we work and at the end of the project.

Color Consulting

If you’re not sure what paint colors to choose, don’t worry. Many homeowners have an idea of the style they want, but not necessarily the colors that work best to achieve it.

Our interior design and interior painting professionals can help you select the right color palette and design layout for your home. We keep up to date with the latest trends, whether you’re into minimalist, retro, contemporary, country comfort, or another style.

Should I Hire an Interior Painter in Columbus, GA?

There’s a night and day difference when you choose expert Columbus painters. High-quality painting looks impeccable and stays beautiful for ages. We pride ourselves on a job well done, so you can be assured of the care we take all along the way. Whether taping, plastering, or painting, our efficient and conscientious team members use extreme care to give you the best results.

After all, a professional paint job stands out for its precision and consistency. Trust Greer Home Solutions to deliver the quality you want at a price you can afford. We provide interior painting service for any project, from a single room to complete home interiors. We also offer exterior painting services.

Choose expert interior house painters in Columbus, GA. Contact us online today or call us at 706-761-3254.

Painting: Services
Painting: Services

Your house’s exterior says a lot about what it looks like inside. Show off incredible style with stunning home painting. When you choose the best exterior house painters in Columbus, GA, it’s easy to bring your home to life with high-quality exterior paint. At Greer Home Solutions, we can give your home a spectacular look:

  • Wood

  • Vinyl and Composite Siding

  • Stucco and Concrete

  • Brick

  • Stone

  • Doors, Windows, and Garage Doors

  • Eaves and Fascia

  • Rain Gutters and Metal Accents


As professional exterior house painters, we can transform all of your home’s outdoor spaces. We’re experts in painting or refinishing decks, railings, fences, outdoor kitchens, perimeter walls, shutters, and other accents.

Exterior Painting in Columbus  Greer Home Solutions.jpg

What Is the Best Way To Paint the Exterior of a House?

To have exterior paint that looks amazing for years, there’s more to painting than grabbing a roller and a gallon of paint:

  • Deep cleaning: First, it’s necessary to remove dirt and debris from exteriors. Pressure-washing is often used to thoroughly remove ground-in dirt and mud.

  • Repairs: For a breathtaking home exterior, it’s smart to handle wood or brick repairs before painting.

  • Paint removal: Old, loose, or chipped paint needs to be scraped or sanded off.

  • Caulking: Our expert exterior house painters help your home’s energy efficiency by caulking around doors, windows, and areas where materials meet.

  • Preparation: Before painting, we cover window glass, outdoor air-conditioning systems, landscaping, and other areas with plastic.

  • Applying exterior paint: We professionally apply sealer, primer, and exterior paint to give your home an incredible look. 

  • Detail work: Trim and architectural details need an expert touch and brush for best results.

  • Final inspection: The job isn’t finished until you’re 100% satisfied with the results.


Is It Worth Painting My House Exterior?

The biggest benefit of new exterior paint for your house is a vibrant style. When your house looks beautiful inside and out, it makes you happy. Vibrant paint impresses friends, family, and potential buyers.


A fresh coat of exterior paint is good for your home’s structure, too. It helps keep moisture out and lowers your energy costs. Siding lasts longer and avoids mold problems.


Can I Paint My House Exterior Myself?

You can paint yourself, but the results won’t be as good as having a professional do the job. Most people just don’t have the time to give exterior paint the prep needed for long-lasting results. Skipping steps always leads to peeling or cracked paint and other problems, so you’d just have to repaint next year. Isn’t it better to have the job done right and enjoy a gorgeous house for years?


Is it Better To Spray or Roll Exterior Paint?

There is no one answer for this question, as there are many variables that can affect how we approach any project. Factors such as wall material and texture can make a big difference in strategizing a project. Reach out to us today to learn which method would work best for your project.


Expert Exterior House Painters in Columbus, GA

Enjoy a colorful house without the effort of home painting. Relax while our exterior house painters take care of everything. At Greer Home Solutions, we provide work of the highest quality for any budget. Contact us right away to learn more about our home painting services.

Image Source: Jaruwan Jaiyangyuen / Shutterstock

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