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It is sometimes necessary to install a retaining wall to correct grading concerns during the landscape design process. Retaining walls provide support to your property and can be attractive additions to your design at the same time. Choosing a landscape company with extensive experience building retaining walls keeps your landscape safe and secure while adding to the value you gain from a well-manicured and designed property. At Greer Home Solutions, we can help you with this process.

Types of Retaining Walls

Depending on your need, you have the option to choose between several retaining wall solutions. If major grading is necessary for your project, a structure must be built to keep the changes in place. The wall location could be in the front or back yard of your property, depending on where the grading took place. Some property owners choose to add a retaining wall as a gardening solution. 

Walls have been built using various materials, but the most common types of retaining walls are brick, stone, or concrete. Excellent products mimic the look of natural stone but still have concrete blocks’ security and stability. Your designer can help you find an attractive and sturdy solution, often with gentle curvature, gradual stairstep, or built-in seating if preferred. Many homeowners choose to tie-in multipurpose uses to the wall, such as an outdoor entertainment area. 

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Benefits of Retaining Walls

The look of retaining walls has significantly improved over time and can now be considered an attractive feature of your landscape. Current products allow for a customized design that ties into your yard’s other aspects, allowing a complete look. The most significant advantage of building retaining walls during a redesign is creating a space that matches the homeowner's vision without the restriction of the current property grading. This is an essential tool if a significant change is requested, such as the addition of an inground pool.

Regrading is also an essential solution to water issues. Some homes have pooling and flooding concerns that can only be corrected by regrading the property or adding a retention wall to prevent soil erosion or mudslides. This is especially important if your property is located on a hill, and you have experienced issues with drainage and soil sliding in the past. Retaining walls also provide additional options for those building a new home on vacant property. 

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Schedule a Consultation

If you are considering a property upgrade in the Columbus, Georgia area, or are having trouble with drainage or water pooling on your property, Greer Home Solutions can help you. A specialist is always available to assist you with any of your ideas, including the addition of a retention wall on your property. To learn more about your options or schedule an appointment to speak with a team member about your potential project, contact Greer Home Solutions today. You can also reach out by phone at (706) 761-3254.

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