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Window & Door Installation & Repair

Finding the perfect new door or windows for your home means the difficult part is over. When it comes to installation, leaving it up to the professionals is the easiest decision you can make. The team at Greer Home Solutions specializes in various home repair and improvement techniques and will install your new items carefully but efficiently for complete customer satisfaction. If you prefer to keep your current door or windows that need repair, the experienced team can perform those repairs for you with a high-quality repair service.  

Window & Door Installation & Repair: Services
Fixing Broken Glass

Repair Services

Your door or window may need repair due to age or damage. The certified technicians at Greer Home Solutions can solve most of the window and door issues that plague homeowners by promptly analyzing the damage and performing repair. Some common window problems include leaky windows that need to be resealed, cracks that need to have the glass replaced, and other minor damage. Repair services for doors vary from changing out locks, knobs, or hinges to sealing or repairing physical damage.

Installation Services

In some cases, the repair needed to fix a door or window is too extensive to be practical, and you will need to purchase a new item instead. You may want to update or upgrade the current doors and windows in your home in other cases. Either way, Greer Home Solutions can install your new door or windows with the expertise and precision you need to make your home look fantastic. If you need help selecting new products, a team member can make recommendations that work well with the current aesthetic of your home.

Wooden Interior Door
Carpenter Assembling Newly Made Windows

Framing Services

Some window and door installation and repair jobs need more than just a standard replacement. When changing out your old windows or installing a storm door or other new front door, it is sometimes necessary to change out the frame at the same time to make everything fit perfectly. This is especially true when a customer wants to change the shape of windows, such as removing outdated frames and replacing them with modernized versions. A properly framed door or window is much more energy-efficient and attractive than the alternative, so every installation includes an analysis and careful consideration to ensure the perfect fit.

Window and Door Installation and Repair with Greer Home Solutions

Quality craftsmanship, expertise, and professionalism are all parts of the culture at Greer Home Solutions. If you need door or window repair, even if the job is a small project, the team is ready to help you achieve the results you seek. For more information about any of the available Columbus, GA home improvement services or schedule an appointment for a specific service, contact Greer Home Solutions today. You can also reach out by phone at (706) 761-3254.

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