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Drywall, Crown Molding & Baseboards From Greer Home Solutions

Sometimes, it can just be minor details that make a significant impact on the look of your home’s interior. Repairing drywall blemishes can make walls look new again, and adding finishing touches such as crown molding or updated baseboard elevates the elegance of your interior. Using the experienced team at Greer Home Solutions, you can transform your walls and quickly remove unsightly imperfections.

Drywall & Crown Molding: Services
Drywall Repair and Restoration

Drywall Installation and Repair

If your home interior project necessitates the addition of new drywall, drywall replacement, or drywall repair, Greer Home Solutions can assist you.


Depending on the type of issue you are correcting, an entire panel may need to be replaced, a patch may be needed, or a simple filling may be the solution. Drywall needs to be repaired before a painting project and can correct a variety of concerns:


  • Cracks from the house settling over time

  • Nail pops that emerge as the house settles

  • Damage caused by a variety of pests

  • Nail holes leftover from home decor

  • Wall scuffs from furniture placement or movement

  • Damage from moisture 

Crown Molding Installation

Crown molding is a decorative trim added along the top of a wall where it meets the ceiling. This type of molding adds beauty and elegance to interior design and is a commonly sought-after detail for resale.


Although crown molding may appear to have a simple installation, the installation angle makes it difficult to measure and install.


The professionals at Greer Home Solutions are experienced with crown molding installation and can complete the process with the highest standard of quality.

Stucco Molding
Home Renovation

Baseboard Installation

Unlike crown molding, which is considered a luxury upgrade, most homes come standard with a baseboard to transition from the wall to the floor.


The type of baseboard varies greatly, so it makes sense that many homeowners would like to change out the look for a more modern style. In some cases, the current baseboards can be preserved; additional trim can be added and painted to match.


In other cases, the entire baseboard needs to be removed and replaced through complete baseboard installation. Your baseboards may also need repair because the seams frequently separate as a house settles or other damage general wear and tear.

Why Choose Greer Home Solutions?

Home improvement options do not always have to include significant renovation projects. Sometimes smaller repairs and changes can make a big impact on the look of your space.


Whether you need repairs before a painting project can begin or want to add a type of trim to upgrade your home interior, the experienced and friendly team at Greer Home Solutions can help you through every step of the process.


If you are in the Columbus, GA area and would like to learn more about making improvements to your home, contact Greer Home Solutions online or call (706) 761-3254 for any of your home improvement or repair needs. 

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